Project Corporation:

BioEnergie für Spittal GmbH (BES)

A couple of local companies have merged to implement a technical and economical district heating solution for the city of Spittal/Drau in Carinthia. To achieve this goal, the concept was divided into two parts - for the local heating network was build by Kelag Wärme GmbH (KWG), the power plant and the control systems are realised by BioEnergie für Spittal GmbH (BES). BES is a joint venture and a cooperative of Kelag Wärme GmbH (KWG), Klausner, Krobath and Astra BioEnergie. The concept consists of two Wood Chip Boilers, on with 8MW, the other with 4MW heating power. There is also a gas- boiler as a backup solution for reliability. The system operation started in 2013 and there is a stepwise and continous extension of the muncipial heating network.

  8MW and 4MW Wood Chip Boilers LTR: Sengseis, Aschbacher, Egger, Freitag, Pirih Detail of Boiler with Firebed Outside View of Power Plant  

BES BioEnergie für Spittal GmbH
Villacherstrasse 95 (ehem. Gaborgelände)

9800 Spittal/Drau

GF Ing. Anton Aschbacher, GF Mag. Thomas Fussenegger