Welcome to the web pages of the Astra BioEnergie GmbH!

The company Astra BioEnergie GmbH realises successfully energy supply draughts on biomass base.

As an operator of biomass-heating works and energy supply networks we deliver an important contribution to the protection of climate and resources.

Our business activities:

  • Concept, planning of close heat-producing appliances
  • Project management and construction supervision
  • Quality Management (QM-Heizwerke)
  • Funding Assistance
  • Energy Contracting
  • Optimisation of existing facilities, measuring control technology and control engineering


Advantages of the energy supply with local heating plants and biomass:



local and district heating supply is:

  • secure in supply
  • cheap
  • stable in price
  • clean
  • comfortable
  • safes room in buildings
  • flexible
  • Kostenersparnis in der Jahresvollkostenrechnung im Vergleich zu fossilen Energieträgern
  • kalkulierbare Wärmekosten durch Bindung an den Kärntner Biowärmeindex
  • CO₂–neutrale Versorgung,  ca. 6t CO₂–Einsparung pro Einfamilienhaus und Jahr
  • Unabhängigkeit von Öl und Gas, Verwendung ausschließlich regenerativer Energieträger
  • regionale Wertschöpfung (Arbeitskräfte, Brennstoffe aus der Region)